Health Coaching

This and much more is waiting for you when you work with me, Vincent Hu, The DC Health Coach.

I’m passionate about helping professionals find solutions to their health challenges in the midst of their busy lives.

My office is a calm oasis from the crazy-busy rat race. It’s a place where professionals, executives, directors and other solutions-oriented people come to pause and reflect on what is at the root of your health concerns, as well as receive powerful guidance on how to resolve them quickly and effectively without going on a diet.

Does this speak to you? If so, I invite you to continue reading …

So what is causing your health concerns?

Finding which foods work best for you and your lifestyle requires awareness. I know it’s hard with your many daily obligations and the obvious stress of life. But you would not be reading this website if you didn’t have an inkling that there is a better way to experience life. However, without an understanding of why you choose the food that you do and its ensuing behaviors – binges, cravings, addictions, and restrictive eating patterns, to name a few – you’ll never restore your health.

It’s time to make the connections and get back on track.

Your relationship with your body is like any relationship. You listen, understand and treat it well and you’ll both be satisfied. Ignore it, only to pay attention when you need something, and, well, your body gets resentful and doesn’t like to cooperate.

Working with me is like having a translator for your body. I help you understand why your body is reacting the way it is – diabetes, weight challenges, binges, cravings and other uncomfortable issues – and show you a straight path to the results you want with my simple nutrition and lifestyle strategies and inspiring coaching.

Imagine “side effects” of feeling lighter, having more energy and embodying a sense of peace about the state of your well-being: improved focus, less stress, more stamina, improved intimacy and more. What would you do with all this new found energy? Will you channel it into your career? Your home life? Your relationships? A new business project? I have a knack for seeing what’s possible for people and would welcome the privilege of supporting you to reach your health goals.

Get the support you need and experience what it’s like to have a body and lifestyle that feels really good.

The first step to being healthy is to get the support you need. Changing the way we eat could take a long time when we are alone in our on our efforts. We have all tried a diet, stuck with it for a few weeks, but it inevitably falls to the wayside with the first distraction.

To create long-lasting results, you need someone you can connect with, trust and who will listen deeply and encourage you. With the right support, direction, resources and coaching, you can start to make changes in your health that last a lifetime.

The DC Health Coach has the tools and support you need.

Hello, I’m Vincent Hu, Certified Health Counselor and owner of DC Health Coach. I assist men and women who are ready for change through private counseling and corporate workshops. It is my passion and life calling to do this work and my enthusiasm results in a gentle approach that helps you see new possibilities for your body and lifestyle as you shed the health challenges that have been holding you back.

Find out if this is for you.

I invite you to call me to share your own eating struggles, ask key questions and talk about solutions. We’ll discuss your situation and goals, and you will learn about my approach and how we can work together in reaching your health goals.

Ready to take the first step?

Contact me at vincenthu @ or call 301-793-4264.